Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit Review

Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit Review-Short Notice Urine Drug Test

Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit Review –  Test Clear Powder urine kit has amazing results and there have been thousands of reviews on using the product successfully by many. You too can get this kit and pass any drug urine tests easily. If you have very short notice for the particular urine drug tests or have an employment drug testing, then it is advised that you get the kit quickly and find out the results as fast as possible.

If you are already working or an employee in a reputed firm, then you must not be confident as at any given point of time you can be asked for the urine drug test by any week say. And if you are among the one who has consumed drugs in the past few months or weeks, then it’s very important that you get the powdered urine kit in order to save yourself. And you will surely pass the test with the help of a powdered urine kit.  Test clear powdered urine kit can help a lot and has many various kinds of products under it.

Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

Without leaving any kind of traces of drugs or alcohol or prescribed drugs, the employees can easily pass the Urine Drug Test, with the help of powdered urine.

All about Powdered Urine

Powdered urine is in the dehydrated form in the form of powder in the packets. There are scientific experts who have a technique in the lab of making the urine into hydrated form and turn it into powder. This powdered urine which you get in the market under various brands and name is very safe to use and you can get it a very nominal cost plus it helps you add to save your job and protect your future.

100% Real Human Urine Powder

The powdered urine which you get in the packet is 1005 human urine which contains equal composition and contents similar to the real human urine. With these powdered urine tests which are a bit tough be it in any field like a military, court, etc. can be easily passed.

Buy test clear real powdered urine kit

Use of Synthetic Powdered Urine

People go in a state of utter confusion when it comes to urine drug tests as even the traces of the medical drug which you have consumed or are consuming can be found in the tests. This can create a lot of problems for your life outside and this can also be traumatic. Plus, it can get difficult for you to get your dream job, insurances, and other. So, in order to avoid such circumstances from happening it is advisable that you use synthetic powdered urine.

Test Clear Powdered Urine kit Product details

This product gives 100% guarantees to pass any kind of drug urine test. There are details given in the kit. The details about the product in the kit will give you a brief on how to use the kit and the product. This will better help you to understand as why this is important for you to buy it and how it’s worth it.

Products that come with the kit are as follows

  • A vial that will contain the original synthetic powdered urine that will be the 100% same as the real human urine.
  • There will be a strip to measure the temperature which will be attached to the vial of 50ml.
  • A plastic made medical transport vial that will have a blue lid.
  • Two air-activated heaters which are sealed in a plastic package is also available in the packet.

Instructions to pass the urine drug tests by using Test clear powder urine kit

There are many reasons as to why you should know about the instructions to pass the urine drug tests, and one of the main reasons is that if you do not know how to make the mixture well then the test results will show something else other than showing positive. This can also result in you giving the test a second time. These instructions are as follows –

  • You will find the dehydrated urine in the vial which should be poured in the large tube
  • Add water in the tube which you filled with powdered urine, tighten the blue lid and shake it well until the powder is fully dissolved in the water
  • Open the air-activated heater, peel the paper off it, and stick the paper to the opposite of temperature strip to make it work properly by giving accurate temperature readings.
  • User must verify the temperature, Before use, it is necessary that user follow and accept all the guideline to pass a urine drug test 

It should meet all the guidelines before passing a urine drug test so the verification of the temperature is just before you use it.

Dos and Don’ts for the Synthetic Powdered Urine

Many people have various kinds of questions regarding the dos and the don’ts of the powdered urine kit and you should know how to mix the contents well so that you don’t do anything wrong during the final drug urine tests. If you have any doubts or questions it is always better to call Test Clear Experts Contact Number

  • You should always make sure that the temperature of the urine is between 90 and 99, any temperature which is beyond this may cause invalidation
  • Warm water is not necessary; it is just that the normal room temperature should be there which can make a perfect combination. The temperature of the liquid ought to be perfect.
  • A temperature strip that is provided is the most important part of the kit and please make sure that you do not do any kind of misreading’s on the strip as it can lead to overheating of the urine when mixed with water or it may become cold.
  • You should wait until the urine comes to the required temperature and if its too cold and overheated then you can open the lid and let some air in this can also work the best.
  • Make sure that the heater is not kept too close to the strip as the strip may start to measure the temperature of the heater other than the liquid.
  • One shouldn’t take the heater from the tube unless the precise temperature is not set in the tube, which is 90 to 99.
  • Heaters can be used only once for a liquid and extra requirement of the sample which is more than 50ml could be helped with an extra sample up to 75ml.
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