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Real Powdered Urine – Pass Drug Test With 100% Guarantee

Real Powdered Urine Kit To Pass Any Drug Test– Powdered urine, Synthetic Urine or Fake pee Whatever is the name you called but these are really worth in passing your drug test easily and safely on short notice . If you need a sample which comes with quality, and which can help you pass the test quickly, then it is recommended that you go for powdered urine. Powdered urine will allow you to get the results that you are exactly looking for. Powdered urine is real urine, compared to the synthetic urine which is artificial. Powdered urine is a dehydrated kind of urine that will help you pass the drug tests easily.

Firstly, the powdered version of urine is the real sample of urine which you use. Secondly, in a drug test there can be nothing that can generate alert of you using other types of drug related to your health or other. Powdered urine is very helpful in the case in which you are actually using a drug or medication. Additionally, you are using powdered urine which is real urine and it can help you in concealing your health issues. Our health is our private subject and we would not want it to be revealed in any form. This will help you greatly if you do not wish your employer to know about your health issues. Powdered urine is made from actual sample that is the reason why it is mostly used by many people during drug test.

What is Powdered Urine

Powdered urine or synthetic urine or fake Urine all are Products name of product Which Help in passing drug test. Synthetic urine is quite artificial but real powdered urine is the form real human urine in powdered form which help to pass drug test in a genuine way without any knowing that you have used a secret to pass this drug test.

There are many people who opt for powdered urine especially when they need a sample of quality which can help them clear the test fast, powdered urine helps them to get the results which they need for retaining their job/any other need.  Powdered urine is different from synthetic urine and powdered urine is real urine to be more apt. It is a kind of real dehydrated urine, so it is one of the guaranteed one that will help you pass the drug tests easily. You can make use of powdered urine that too without giving any hints that you have given a sample of different urine.

Best powdered urine for drug test

There cannot be anything or any clue that can generate alert during the drug tests, if you are using powdered urine. It is because you are using a real sample of the urine in the powdered form. Powdered urine will help you in hiding any kind of drug usage by you, because this is areal urine which in the powdered form that you are using. Plus, if you do not wish your employer to know about your health issues then you can use powdered urine. The reasons as to why many people use the powdered urine during the drug tests is because it is made from the real sample. Hence in all ways it is real compared to the sample urine.

Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit Review
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Powdered urine test kit

But for using this powdered urine method for passing the drug tests you need to be very smart according to the circumstances in which you are. For example, there can be supervisors at the center where the drug tests are being conducted, and then you might need to be a bit witty.

There have been individual cases, where people have used powdered urine by mixing it with priory and storing it in bottle, this they have used secretly by placing it under their clothes. If you slip the solution into the specimen cup, your chances of passing the drug test without any consciousness increase a lot.

Why do people use Real Powdered Urine?

There are many reasons as to why people are using the powdered urine. As mentioned above, one of the pivotal reasons is to avoid being detected of any use of medicines and drugs. The reason as to why this method has become popular is because of it easily helps one pass the teats without being detected of any drug usage or medicines. This is mainly due to the employment issues as there are some pivotal firms which need their candidate to go into drug test prior to hiring them. So, this is very important that they pass the tests without being detected of the medication which they are using. So, if you have 5 days time, then you should get ready to use 5 days detox program. Plus money back guarantee is there.

There are many jobs of drivers and truck drivers in which it is essential to check that the driver is not a drug addict or otherwise and that is why they make it essential for the drivers to pass a drug test before they hire them for a job. Also, there are parents who need to check onto their child whether they are using any drug or not and they also ask their kid for drug tests.

If you are on  any medication or are using some form of drug ten it can be easily traced in the urine and the only way to escape this revelation is to use powdered urine i.e. only through the synthetic urine.

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Does Powdered Urine work?

The best part about the powdered urine is that it will have the same effect as that of natural urine. The result will be similar as that of using the dehydrated powdered one. You can easily pass the drug tests as and one thing that you have to note is that the urine which you are using does not contain any adulterants as containing adulterants cannot give precise result.

Here are a few things that you should look out for to check whether the urine is fake or natural and adulterated:

Specific gravity





Success Rate –

Since, the natural urine is a dehydrated one which makes it natural through in powdered form; it gives the same result as that one of the natural one. The calibrating machine will aptly determine the results. In adulterated lab’s usage, dehydrated urine is not detected.

Why using powdered urine is the best way of passing a drug test

Powdered urine usage can give 100% positive result. And reason is that it is made from drug free natural urine which is dehydrated. Such urine is also put up for sale because of its natural properties which it has. And these natural properties produce the apt results as that which is similar to natural urine in the calibrated machine. It cannot be detected in the adulterated lab. It is one of the safest methods of passing a drug test.

There are various other ways also of passing the drug test and one such method is he detoxifying methods. But these methods are not safe as there are chances of you being getting detected, Or the tests giving a positive result. So, it is always better to be on the safer side and use powdered urine to escape the drug test with a positive result

Bringing in positive result in s drug test is always not possible as there are chances that you might get a negative result and this may happen mainly because many times people fail to follow the instructions for mixing the powder well. Every brand will have its own directions that are provided with the package and you have to follow it precisely. You have to blend the water perfectly with the urine in order to get positive results.

Tips and tricks to use dehydrated urine

Before 1 hour of you going for the test or rather your experiment you will have to blend the powdered urine with water that is of room temperature and stick the given vial on the opposite side of the temperature strip.  After you have mixed it completely well, it will look and smell likes the natural urine which is free from drugs and medications.

Why Powdered Urine Is Important When it comes To Your Job

There are many companies which conduct the drug tests through the methods of usual screening process. And the reasons as to why they take the test are to see whether the applicant is using drug and in order to ensure that the applicant is healthy and fit. There can be evidence which can be identified through Urine drug testing of the recent use of illicit drug, alcohol or prescription drug.

Another important reason as to why the drug testing is done by the company is because abuse of drugs and alcohol can bring about a great changes in the health and safety, plus it is more likely to result in less productivity and poor self esteem. Additionally, there are health care claims which the companies that also is likely to lead to additional expenses.

Additional Reasons for Drug Testing –

Here are some of the additional reasons as to why the companies conduct drug tests. They are as follows –

  • Stop the employees from further use of drug and alcohol as it affects in the output which the employee gives
  • Prevent the hire of individuals using illicit drugs
  • To find out if they still have any employee using the drug/alcohol and help them resolve the issues.
  • Provide a healthy working environment
  • To safeguard the trusts of their clients & the public that their employees are healthy.
  • To comply with the federal regulations/ state laws regarding employment opportunities offered.

Here Is a List of Different Types of Drug Test Methods Used By Companies

In order to detect the recent drug use in your body, there are various different kinds of bodily fluids and specimen which can be used. There are different state laws which will clearly define different kind of drug tests for employment. As per, SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration guidelines, the detection of drugs can be done only through the sample of urine. And for alcohol, breath is the most common specimen.

Here Is Some Additional Information Regarding These Methods of Pre Employment Drug Screening –

  • Urine – It is only through the method of urine tests, that the doctors will come to know whether there is any kind of substance abuse i.e. drug use. The residual of the drug which remains in the body even after the effects of the drug is gone is known as Drug Metabolites. It is pivotal to note that the tests of urine if it comes positive don’t mean that the individual is under any kind of effect of drug during the test.

Secret of Passing the Urine Drug Tests with the Help of Powdered Urine Kit

Powder urine kit has amazing results and there have been thousands of reviews on using the product successfully by many. You too can get this kit and pass any drug urine tests easily. If you have a very short notice for the particular urine drug tests then it is advised that you get the kit quickly and find out the results as fast as possible.

If you are already working or an employee in a reputed firm, then you must not be confident as at any given point of time you can be asked for the urine drug test by any week say. And if you are among the one who has consumed drug in the past few months or weeks, then it’s very important that you get the powdered urine kit in order to save yourself. And you will surely pass the test with the help of powdered urine kit.  Test clear powdered urine kit can help a lot and has many various kinds of products under it.

Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

Without leaving any kind of traces of drugs or alcohol or prescribed drugs, the employees can easily pass the Urine Drug Test, with the help of powdered urine.

Real Powdered Urine

All about Powdered Urine

Powdered urine is in the dehydrated form in the form of powder in the packets. There are scientific experts who have a technique in the lab of making the urine into hydrated form and turn it into powder. This powdered urine which you get in the market under various brands and name is very safe to use and you can get it a very nominal costs plus it helps you additionally to save your job and protect your future.

100% Human Urine

The powdered urine which you get in the packet is 1005 human urine which contains equal composition and contents similar to the real human urine. With this powdered urine tests which are a bit tough be it in any field like military, court etc. can be easily passed.

Use of Synthetic Powdered Urine

People go in a state of utter confusion when it comes to urine drug tests as the even the traces of the medical drug which you have consumed or are consuming can be found in the tests. This can create a lot of problems for your life outside and this can also be traumatic. Plus, it can get difficult for you to get your dream job, insurances and other. So, in order to avoid such circumstances from happening it is advisable that you use synthetic powdered urine.

Pass Urine Drug Test

Test Clear Powdered Urine kit Product details

This product gives 100% guarantees to pass any kind of drug urine tests. There are details given in the kit. The details about the product in the kit will give you a brief on how to use the kit and the product. This will better help you to understand as to why this is important for you to buy it and how it’s worth it.

Products that come with the kit are as follows –

  • A vial which will contain the original synthetic powdered urine that will be the 100% same as the real human urine.
  • There will be a strip to measure the temperature which will be attached to the vial of 50ml.
  • A plastic made medical transport vial that will have a blue lid.
  • Two air-activated heaters which are sealed in a plastic package is also available in the packet.

Instructions to pass the urine drug tests by using Test clear powder urine kit

There are many reasons as to why you should know about the instructions to pass the urine drug tests, and one of the main reasons is that if you do not know how to make the mixture well then the tests results will show something else other than showing positive. This can also result in you giving the test a second time. These instructions are as follows –

  • You will find the dehydrated urine in the vial which should be poured in the large tube
  • Add water in the tube which you filled with powdered urine, tighten the blue lid and shake it well until the powder is fully dissolved in the water
  • Open the air-activated heater, peel the paper off it and stick the paper to the opposite of temperature strip to make it work properly by giving accurate temperature readings.

It should meet all the guidelines before passing a urine drug tests so the verification of the temperature is must before you use it. If you have any further query Call Test Clear Expert

Real Powdered Urine

Dos and Don’ts for the Synthetic Powdered Urine-

Many people have various kinds of question regarding the dos and the don’ts of the powdered urine kit and you should know how to mix the contents well so that you don’t do anything wrong during the final drug urine tests.

  • You should always make sure that the temperature of the urine is between 90 and 99, any temperature which is beyond this may cause invalidation
  • Warm water is not necessary; it is just that the normal room temperature should be there which can make a perfect combination. The temperature of the liquid ought to be perfect.
  • A temperature strip that is provided is the most important part of the kit and please make sure that you do not do any kind of misreading’s on the strip as it can lead to overheating of the urine when mixed with water or it may become cold.
  • You should wait until the urine comes to the required temperature and if its too cold and overheated then you can open the lid and let some air in this can also work the best.
  • Make sure that the heater is not kept too close to the strip as the strip may start to measure the temperature of the heater other than the liquid.
  • One shouldn’t take the heater from the tube unless the precise temperature is not set in the tube, which is 90 to 99.
  • Heaters can be used only once for a liquid and extra requirement of the sample which is more than 50ml could be helped with an extra sample up to 75ml.

Tips and tricks to use dehydrated urine

So, now that you understand everything there is to know about the powdered urine and everything that it entails from a chemical point of view, so here is a quick guide on how you can practically use it.

As mentioned above, different products from different brands have different processes of using it; they usually follow the one similar principal. So here we are going to explain a simple and general way of using it.

  • Before the 45 min- 1 hour of your experiment, blend the given powder with the room temperature water and stick the given vial on the opposite side of the temperature strip.
  • When you mix it, the powdered urine will smell, look and behaves the same as natural drug-free human urine. Most of the powdered urine kits provide you with everything you need such as a 50-Ml plastic medical vial, heather that is functional up to 6 hours, a temperature strip and an instruction guide that consists of tops and hints.

So that is pretty much all you need to do just follow the instruction given in the template, and you will be all set to pass the urine drug test perfectly.

Frequently asked Question About Real Powdered Urine Or Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

Can Some One Detect Powdered Urine?

If you use it right then, there is not any prospect of getting found out. As we have already mentioned above, powdered urine cannot be detected as long as it’s used in the manner it’s supposed to be. So, if you do not wish to face the consequence of positive test results in the laboratory drug test carefully follow the give guidelines, and you will be all set to pass the drug test.

Can labs Find difference between real and synthetic urine?

You will find several advantages of utilizing powdered urine over a synthetic urine kit. Every synthetic seller claims that artificial urine is the ideal method for ensuring that you are not tested positive for any medication. Well, using synthetic urine can be a dangerous thing to do since it’s prepared with a mix of chemicals which may be easily detected in many drug test settings. This was true, not too long ago but today several labs took particular care to discover the Use of artificial urine so to answer the concerned question That’s why; we strongly advise that you select powdered urine for clearing a drug test. Labs can quickly tell the difference between natural and artificial urine.

Does powdered urine Also smell like real urine?

You simply need to be certain that the temperature of the urine stays at regular room temperature, and it’ll appear to be real urine. Since it’s prepared by dehydrating the natural human urine, any powdered urine when utilized smells and behaves like any natural and real urine.So make sure you set everything up before the test.

How long Till Powdered urine stay good for a drug test?

It typically lasts for 3-4 hours. So make sure you set everything up before the test. Everything depends on the drug content in your own body, but if you are using powdered urine

Can Some One Detect That I Using Frozen Urine?

The pH balance of the urine varies when the water of your pee is suspended, and yes, Among the oldest methods of passing any urine drug test is freezing the urine, and it is also the most easily captured idea also. It can be readily detected by any laboratory. Well, most of the companies will make you provide the sample immediately, so it is not feasible either way. When you have any additional query you may call test clear expert check the amount below.

Where Can I Find Powdered Urine Kit Near Me

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We Strongly Recommend Usage of Powdered Urine To those Who Need To pass Any drug Test

Here I need to share one of my Own sad story with you my friends, I got a job of employee working in traffic management division and I was very much excited for getting a job as my whole family was dependent on my own earning. Before joining I had to experience various health check-ups and medical and physical fitness tests. Since from a long time I was unemployed and highly depressed of not getting work, I indulged myself in among the bad habit that is unfortunately I became a drug addict and chain smoker.

I lost my job as in the medical and health fitness test as I didn’t got time to eliminate unwanted material from my body and wasn’t able to pass out the powdered urine tests as suddenly I was called for the urine test.

I did not know about the real powdered urine test Kit and I was also not aware of where can I buy fake pee that it gives good results and it provides the easiest way to pass the drug test flawlessly. So I strongly urge for Buy powdered urine for the clearing of drug test.

But at the time of medical fitness test, I had been totally unaware of the drug test before my job verification. I was unaware of how the content of drugs can be very easily traced in urine test for greater than two months. So, on this brief notice there was no option for me rather than getting for a test. Since I was a routine drug addict, I was very much worried of the evaluations to be performed for the job confirmation.

I’d like to advice all my friends, kids and adults that please do not take drugs as it is just like obstacle which limited me from getting the job. Since the powdered urine makes surety of getting rid of drugs thus giving outstanding results of powdered urine test.

This is post is about perfect way to pass a drug test on short notice, Are you aware with the products called Fake urine , fake urine kit, powdered urine or synthetic urine. Powdered urine or Fake Pee Is Nothing only a real human powdered urine.


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