Why Companies Conduct Drug Tests – How To Clear Drug Test

Why Companies Conduct Drug Tests?  There are many companies that conduct drug tests through the methods of the usual screening process. And the reasons why they take the test are to see whether the applicant is using drugs and in order to ensure that the applicant is healthy and fit. There can be evidence which can be identified through drug testing of the recent use of illicit drug, alcohol, or prescription drug. Plus, you cannot identify whether the individual’s behavior is/was because of the drug or not.

Another important reason why drug testing is done by the company is that abuse of drugs and alcohol can bring about great changes in health and safety, plus it is more likely to result in less productivity and poor self-esteem. Additionally, there are health care claims which the companies that also is likely to lead to additional expenses. So, these are the main reasons due to which companies conduct a drug test.

Additional Reasons for Drug Testing

Here are some of the additional reasons as to why the companies conduct drug tests. They are as follows –

  • Stop the employees from further use of drug and alcohol as it affects in the output which the employee gives
  • Prevent the hire of individuals using illicit drugs
  • To find out if they still have any employee using the drug/alcohol and help them resolve the issues.
  • Provide a healthy working environment
  • To safeguard the trusts of their clients & the public that their employees are healthy.
  • To comply with the federal regulations/ state laws regarding ty To opportunities offered.

List of Different Types of Drug Test Methods Used By Companies

In order to detect the recent drug use in your body, there are various different kinds of bodily fluids and specimen which can be used. There are different state laws that will clearly define different Types of drug tests for employment. As per, SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration guidelines, the detection of drug abuse can be done only through the sample of urine. And for alcohol, breath is the most common specimen.

How To Clear Drug Test

Two Methods of Pre Employment Drug Screening

  1. Urine – It is only through the method of urine tests, that the doctors will come to know whether there is any kind of substance abuse i.e. drug use. The residual of the drug which remains in the body even after the effects of the drug is gone is known as Drug Metabolites. It is pivotal to note that the tests of urine if it comes positive don’t mean that the individual is under any kind of effect of drug during the test. The tests are simply done to see that whether in the last few days there was any kind of consumption of that particular drug. Plus in alcohol tests, the test of alcohol is to be done very quickly as alcohol passes through our body very quickly. So, the tests have to be done pretty fast like immediately after its consumption. That is why a urine test cannot detect the use of alcohol, but only of the use of illicit drugs.
  1. Breath – In order to find out the presence of alcohol in the blood, a very unique kind of test is done which is known as breath drug tests. It is done mostly in the workplace and is also done for drivers driving at a high speed. In the test, the person is asked to blow the air from his mouth in a device that will measure the Blood Alcohol Concentration i.e. BAC. It shows the apt level of alcohol in the blood during the test.

Besides these two methods- There are many other methods of testing drug/alcohol is present in the body. But most of the time companies do not use these methods. They are as follow –

  • Drug test through blood
  • Drug test through hair
  • Drug test through sweat
  • Drug tests through oral fluids.

As mentioned above it is very vital for any company to do the drug tests as per the company’s policies and as per the various state laws. If the HR department of the firms is not working efficiently then there are chances that the entire working of the firm may be fraught. So, many companies have switched these days to do a drug test at the time of the recruitment process. Various products of powdered urine are used these days to pass the tests easily.

In drug tests through blood, a sample of blood will be taken from your arms and then that sample will be given for further testing of the presence of drugs or alcohol in the blood. In a drug test through hair, few strands of your hair will be plucked and that will be given for further analysis. There are also other two methods. So, there are various methods of drug testing. But one of the most common and most used methods of drug testing is testing through the sample of urine. So, it is advised to you that if you ever come into any such situation where you are to go through the tests then use the powdered urine kit and this will help you pass the test very easily without being traced.

Pass Urine Drug Test

Apart from that your health issues are things to be concealed and not revealed. So, it is very important that you at any cost protect your health issues from being revealed. So, it is very important that you carry a kit of powdered urine especially if you are already employed. And if you have just given the interviews and are on the final verge of selection and only the drug tests remain then it is advised that you use the Real powdered urine kit to escape drug detection at any cost. There are many happy users of the powdered urine who have cleared the drug tests successfully.

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