The Best Synthetic Urine Kits

The Best Synthetic Urine Kits

How to get best Synthetic Urine Kits  – In this fast-paced life, many people are addicted to Marijuana, alcohol or any other drugs to get some recreation and relaxation for the body and the mind. However, if you have to undergo a drug test within a few weeks, then there is a high chance that you may fail the test, which becomes a major setback to you in your life. To avoid this situation, you need to be smart enough so that you can pass the test after consuming the cannabis. Almost every sector the drug test is performed through urine drug test and by using synthetic urine kits you can easily pass the test. This will make you look squeaky clean.

It is true and well established that this synthetic urine kit has become popular in today’s world to overcome the drug test on short notice. It is so effective that everybody is using it in recent times.

The formula of this test is pretty simple. If you already know that your pee is hot enough and with your urinal sample you will definitely fail to pass the test then the best solution is to use synthetic urine which will give your test result negative.

It is obvious that the result of the drug test will be negative. This synthetic urine is a solution that is made in the laboratory and it is designed to test as an authentic urine. The chemical composition such as concentration of urea, ammonia, creatinine, uric acid, pH level, specific gravity is present in such a way that this synthetic urine has become almost similar to the natural urine.

Recently many fake synthetic urine brands are already launched in the market. As a whole, few synthetic urine kits are better than others, and when it is the question of clearing the drug test, it is obvious that you will never rely on the cheapest product with a high reliability issue. Therefore, it is recommended to you that before going to the market here you have to know a few details regarding the products and also, we are analyzing a few kits so that you can understand the best option without searching so much.

Details about Synthetic Urine Kits

Here we are going to tell you about the fake pee. We gathered all the information for you so that you can choose the best synthetic kit. When you have to undergo the drug test, you may fail the test if you consumed the drug very recently. So, to overcome this you need to play a small trick. Many times, to overcome the situation people start searching in google for the information regarding “synthetic urine belts” or the “best synthetic urine kits”.

If that same thing happens for you, then you are at the right place, We are here not to ask any questions but we are here to provide you with the details regarding the best synthetic urine kit. We will compare different samples and provide you with the best solution.

It is difficult to choose the best option. We are also facing the same problems at the start. Then, after detailed analysis we outlined our findings. According to our analysis, 4 are the best synthetic kits among several others.

Employee Pass The drug test With Powdered Urine Kit Guide

Recommended brands for synthetic urine for a urine drug test

To determine the number one brand for synthetic urine kit is whether they are efficiently working or not. If they fail to achieve what they promise, then buying those kits is simply nothing but the waste of money. Moreover, they can also put you in the false position if the drug test result comes positive. It is recommended to everyone, if you are using this for your own personal pleasure, well, it is just a small reminder that you should get all the right bang for your buck.

Every synthetic urine kit, which you are buying through the online shops comes in the form of a kit. In this kit you usually get:

  1. Flask: This is the plastic flask which is used to mix and carry the synthetic or fake urine.
  2. Powdered or pre-mixed synthetic urine.
  3. Temperature enhancer or booster: It is vital to keep the synthetic urine at room temperature, specially 92oF to 100oF. This range is perfect for the urine.
  4. Thermometer: It is given with the kit to check the temperature. If it is in the given range then it will show the green light.

At the time of preparation, you need to keep in mind that the amount of water should be precise enough so that the mixture dose not dilute. It will raise a red signal for the laboratory.

The product is actually sold as a solution for drug test machine calibrators which is a good sign. However, it also has some pretty fun explanation. It certainly makes it trustworthy!

Some companies also offer the discount for those who buy the product in bulk.

If you are Truck drivers and looking for synthetic urine kits from a place like the United Kingdom or New Zealand, you are at the right place.

Here we are providing you the full comparison of the best available synthetic urine kits that are available in the market.

  1. Clear Choice Sub Solution One of the best Synthetic Urine Kit 

Synthetic urine is nothing but a fake one. It isn’t a natural urine that collects from any other human who doesn’t consume drugs. This urine is made up in a laboratory. For this reason, you need to be sure enough that the look, smell and the taste of this synthetic urine must be similar to the real urine. If it is not matching with the real one then you may face the problem at the time of drug test.

The clear choice’s sub solution product is the most effective one as compared to the other synthetic urines available at the market. The chemical composition such as urea, uric acid, and the pH level, specific gravity is appropriate in this synthetic urine due to which it is almost similar to the natural one.

Clear Choice Sub Solution full body detox

The best thing about this urine kit is that the manufacturer knows that their laboratory technicians are highly clever and therefore they are preparing and modifying the urine formula so that it looks almost a natural one.

It is very much interesting that a group of people are sitting together in a white coat with their own paper and pen to make the perfect recipe for synthetic urine. It is difficult to believe but they are doing so year after year. They measure all components present in the urine such as specific gravity, pH level, smell, looks etc. to make it perfect.

From the last 5 years this synthetic urine is getting the highest vote and remains in the top.

  • Does this work at LabCorp or Quest Diagnostic?

To give you the answer about urine review kits we need to stop the review for the time being. If the synthetic urine is used for the LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics test, it is obvious that you will get what you pay for. In other words, if you buy unreliable, cheap, sketchy products it is possible that you might submit a bottle of powdered lemonade instead of the urine.

So, if you want that the product should work surely then you need to prepare yourself that you have to pay the required amount. Then only you will get the result.

  • What is given by Clear Choice in their Kit?

Generally, it is the same for all the brands. It is already mentioned and also shown in the above picture. The kit contents solution vial, plastic flask to carry the urine, temperature booster to keep the temperature of the urine at the specific range and the thermometer.

It is important to know why you need to bring the heat to a specific range? Because, you know that the natural urine temperature is almost near to 96oF. So, to maintain the temperature this temperature booster and thermometer is used. Also, sometimes they say that if you are unable to stand the heat, then don’t use the drugs before the test. This is nothing but a joke.

  • The Process of Using the Kit:

As a responsible blogger, it is our duty to guide you regarding the process in which way the kit will be used. It is obvious that you will follow the way written in the kit. The process of using the kit varies for the different products. As we are not the inventor of the product, we can only share the gist of it.

  1. Fill the bottle with lukewarm tap water until the cap line.
  2. Mix the solution which is given in the vial. Stir or shake the mixture very gently. You need to do this before 8 hours of your test when you will use this synthetic urine as a sample.
  3. Now you can add the temperature booster with this mixture (1/3 of the mixture) before the submission of the sample. You can also keep the content near to your body for the long time so that it absorbs the heat of your body and the temperature remains in the range.

To mix all the products available in the kit is less than five minutes.

You need to be sure enough that you will not mix the sample very early or else the mixture will become gross and smelly. If the mixture smells like stale urine, it is possible that somebody might think that you are cheating on your urine drug test with old urine.

The best thing about this product is that the Clean Choice company knows that people will get nervous during the mixing process when trying to pass the drug test in a fake way. It is the same feeling experienced by junior chemists when they conduct high chemistry experiments. For that reason, they give the practice kit with this product. Most people learn by doing.

It is true that if you want to learn something very first then you have to start playing with this. It is recommended you put on the lab coat and gloves, because you are going to have a blast by creating some synthetic urine. Experienced people say that practice makes people perfect.

So, keep practicing until you become comfortable. It will be difficult for you to prepare this synthetic pee in an efficient way if your hand is sweating so much that you start dropping things in the bathroom.

So, at the time of preparing the mixture it is better to stay calm and relax. That is only possible if you keep practising until it becomes perfect.

  • The Cost of the Kit:

As we said earlier, for the best product you need to pay the amount also. Therefore, this kit is a little bit expensive. The cost of the product is approximately 80 US$. The cost is worthy for this product by considering the reliability. It is much less than the costs of a failed drug test.

  1. Second best Synthetic Urine Kit (Quick Luck by Clear Choice):

So, it is completely your day. Think fast! And try Quick Luck! It is also prepared by Clear Choice. It is possible that you got nervous at the time of mixing and stirring. It is a similar situation to what you feel at the time performing the laboratory work in Chemistry or in Biology. Holding the vial is the same as holding the beaker for the first time in the laboratory. This unfamiliar situation of the bathroom is all similar to the situation of the practical laboratory. Here is the solution. Something new is here to give you comfort.

Considering these situations, the Clear Choice company who is the maker of the Sub Solution synthetic urine kit, realized that some people need the premixed option and they will bring the quick Luck synthetic urine kit to the market. Here we are giving you the full review of this product.

This synthetic urine kit is released in the market in 2019. If you followed the directions written in the Sub Solution and felt overwhelmed then for you this is the product. You can easily skip the steps 1 and 2 of the Sub Solution.

But you need to follow Step 3. You need to check the temperature of the mixture and to maintain the temperature of the mixture you need to use a heating pad or else you can keep the bottle near to the body for a long time period so that it can absorb the body heat. In this way, the temperature of the mixture can remain at 96oF. Many people simply buy a synthetic urine belt to keep it on their waist or leg.

Here we are giving you the picture of the product.

Quick Luck by Clear Choice

From the start of the use, you will understand that this kit is much easier to use and the process is very simple. You will get the premixed solution in the vial with the thermometer on it to measure the temperature of the mixture. The packaging of the bottle is simple due to which it looks safe and secured. The solution always has the perfect golden colour to convince the laboratory technician that this urine is the real one.

As we already mentioned, if you have questions then you need to follow the directions written on the product. You need to be clear about the company goals. It is recommended to read the directions properly once or twice at home before going to the laboratory for the drug test. It is obvious that you don’t want to feel nervous or don’t want to fumble at the time of sample preparation.

Additionally, for this solution you don’t have to mix the water. This can save you time and headaches. Some laboratories don’t have a sink in the drug screen area.

  • Cost of the Product:

It is obvious that you need to pay more for this kit. As the kit is more effective and time saving it demands more cost. The cost is approximately 100 US$. The price is very little as compared to the situation like job loss or any legal consequences.

If you’re using this product at your home, maybe the fast access is what will sell you on this specific product.

  • The way to Choose the Best Fake Urine

When it is the question of choosing the best synthetic urine, fake urine, golden pee or whatever you want to call it these days, you need to make a sensible choice.

Before choosing you need to follow a few factors like positive reviews from the real person, laboratory-tested results, a name that you can rely on, and also the price tag that you can afford.

We already mentioned and again we are saying that you get what you pay for in the world of fake urine. There are a lot of products available in the market with a cost of 30-50 US$ which simply don’t work at the time of drug testing. So before getting embarrassed it is recommended to everyone that pay a little high amount for the reliable synthetic urine kit.

  1. Best Synthetic Urine Kit Quick Fix by Spectrum Labs

However, sometimes exceptions are also present. The above-mentioned cases are not true for the product made by Spectrum Labs. The lab produced the synthetic urine kit named Quick Fix.

The mixture of this product became famous due to its own characteristics. It is one of the most famous names that people need to consider at the time of synthetic urine kit selection.

The price of this product is substantially lesser as compared to the previous mentioned products. The cost of the product is very reasonable and it is approximately 40US$.

Maybe you are thinking that due to less cost the product is not reliable. However, we are assuring you that it is not true for Quick Fix.

quick fix synthetic urine kit near me

We think you heard a lot of stories about the “bad batches”. If human error is present in the synthetic urine produced by the company, there is a chance of failure in the urine drug test. In 2016, we were looking into this product and the product has not been immune to this.

However, the company survived from this incident and still today it stands as one of the reliable contenders.

We recently went through some reviews on google, and maximum people have been happy with the result of this product. It is easy to prepare the test solution. With the right planning the temperature comes out correctly. The product assured that the person going through this test will pass the test very smoothly.

  1.  Best synthetic urine kit by Test clear Powdered Urine

If you have the question, can you use the powdered urine for a drug test? Then our answer is very short and simple. Yes, you can. Thanks to Test clear it is possible.

Just read our test and you will get the idea about “Urine simulation by using Powdered Urine Kit”.  If you see a beautiful thing then surely you stop for a minute and you will think about it.

Let’s assume in the kitchen you throw some kind of powder in some water or some milk and suddenly you get cheese sauce, mashed potatoes or maybe tomato soup in your hand. That is the way this synthetic urine kit works.

In this kit the urine is available in the powdered form and after mixing it with the lukewarm tap water it almost looks like the real urine. You become confused between synthetic and the real urine. This one smells like urine and also looks like urine due to which it is similar to real urine.

Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit Review

In this synthetic urine all the chemicals are present in an order. You will find that the right amount of uric acid is floating around in that plastic flask. All you need to do is mix the powder with room-temperature water (approximately 70oF). You need to check the temperature of the mixture approximately one hour before the drug test and at that time the heater needs to be added so that the test strip temperature remains in an accurate range approximately 96oF.

You need to remember that if you are able to start the mixing with room temperature water, you need to give just 45 minutes to reach the safe zone. If the temperature of the water is cold then it will take more time. Many people face difficulties adjusting the time so that the temperature remains at an accurate position. It is the hardest part of synthetic urine preparation.

  • So, it is the moment of buying Fake Urine

This is nothing but a journey from start to end. Through this entire journey we come across a lot of meaningful information regarding this synthetic urine. We got the chance to know why everyone is using this kit. We got to know how the kits are sold, the semblance of multi-purpose products. And all the information is true. Some of the people use this product to clean the machines and for other personal uses.

In this blog we asked a few good questions and we also reviewed some great synthetic urine products. If you are still on the verge of buying this urine kit for your drug test, we are assuring you that you must go for it.

For what reason are you waiting? What do you have to lose at this period? If you already have the money to afford the high-quality product, then you must go for it. If you don’t want to fail this urine drug test after consuming the drugs then you have to go for this synthetic urine kit. And the product is trust-worthy.

If you have the money to buy the product with the cost of 50 US$ then you should go for the product that you can afford. This “bad batch” thing only happened in the previous year.

It is our belief that one day the world becomes a less judgmental place. We believe that in the future our next generation will live in peace and that if they want to buy fake urine they should not have to worry about the product. It will not come in a discrete package. The neighbors will not mind anything and they will only consider their own work. The motto will be live and let live.

We will prefer to live in a world where drug tests are considered as an illegal option. If you are unable to pass the test, you don’t need to be punished yourself. You just need to be helped.

If your consumption of drugs is totally under control and also purely recreational, who is this company or the government to give you the drug test, to punish you to live some kind of second-class citizen lifestyle, just because the original world they so generously created got to be such a bore?

  • Is it possible to find synthetic urine kits on websites like Amazon?

If you want to know the answer to this question then in one word our answer is yes you can. Nowadays, you can find almost everything available for sale on the internet! Before we start this review regarding synthetic urine kits, we survey for a few moments at hand to analyze the situation from where to buy this kit and so on.

In todays’ busy world consuming Marijuana and other drugs is very common for fun, relaxation and for other reasons like self-medication. However, you might still feel panicked right now due to this impending urine drug test.

Wait a minute, who even told you that this synthetic urine is only used for the drug test purpose. Many people also use this fake urine for their own medical studies and procedures, gags, pranks, sexual activities and also for many other options.

So, will you get the synthetic urine kit on retail websites on google? Perhaps! You just need to be certain that it may work. Because if you fail to pass the urine drug test by submitting this urine that will be a massive embarrassment for you. It is far better to use the original urine for the test and then fail to overcome the drug test. You will receive huge humiliation when you tamper with the outcome and you become unable to pass.

  • How this Synthetic urine work in this drug test

Does this synthetic urine properly work for a drug test? If this question is coming to your mind right now then we think your thoughts are in the right direction and this question rises into many people’s minds. This is the million-dollar question.

The answer to this question is that you need to choose a reliable kit if you are going to take this route for a drug test. After searching many reviews regarding the product in the internet, we have compiled some information to provide you the gist on what brands work properly when it comes to synthetic urine for drug tests.

Urine which contains the traces of the biomarkers that mainly indicates that due to the consumption of the drugs you will fail the drug test. If you consume the drugs just before the drug test, your body will be in the process of detoxification. The natural detox program of the body will start the elimination of the molecule of this drug from your body at that time. So, drug molecules still remain in your body at the time of screening. Hence, the presence of these molecules or their by-products in the urine will indicate that you consume the drugs in this urine drug test.

When it comes to synthetic urine, it means that it is the clean urine that has been tested in the laboratory.

Many times, we heard several rumours that people are using the “fake urine” to fool the lab. Is this rumour, right? Does that seriously work? How does this actually work? Says who?

Modern people are highly inquisitive in nature. Due to this nature, they will ask this type of questions to feel confident enough before using this synthetic urine kit by themselves.

We are also curious regarding this. That’s why we started digging. And after reviewing many articles here we are discussing in detail what actually we find.

The major problem is that maximum people feel guilty about lying when they are using this synthetic kit. We are not here to start the debate on ethics over the use of this synthetic urine kit. It is simple, if you don’t want to lie then don’t use the product.

If you want be honest right now then you have only two options in front of you:

  1. Simply admit that you consume the drugs just before the test and for that reason you are going to pass the urine drug test.
  2. It is also possible that after undergoing the you can admit that you consume the drugs.

If neither of these two cases are going to work out for you, then you may consider using this synthetic urine kit for the test. However, you have to understand that confidence is the only key to success.

The lab technician also observes you thoroughly and your behavior and appearance are scrutinized by them as this is also the major part of their job. Perhaps they don’t do this in actual and impartial conditions, but the subconscious effect will still happen.

They will see that you are continuously fidgeting, nervously checking the phone very often, Sweating, breathing hard, stammering, and at that time they understand that there is something wrong. It is obvious if you are not consuming drugs then you will not feel nervous.

So, we recommend you to be confident enough before using this synthetic urine kit for drug tests.

  • Conclusions:

So, after completing this thorough revision it is observable that using low-quality and less reliable synthetic urine is not a good idea. It simply doesn’t matter for which purpose you are using this. But by compromising you may put yourself in a dangerous position. Maximum due to this cost adjustment you have to sacrifice the quality and this low-quality synthetic urine is unable to pass the test which becomes a setback for you. So, it is our recommendation to everybody that before buying the product just check the reviews and depending on their quality buy it. After reading this article now you can simply understand the difference between best and low-quality synthetic urine products. And this is our achievement. And now you get the idea based on which you can tell which synthetic urine is simply bad.

Maximum good quality synthetic urine is expensive enough. A smaller number of good synthetic urine is cheap enough. Because to prepare this several key ingredients are necessary specially creatinine and urea. All of these ingredients are highly expensive. So, if you want to buy this fake urine at 20 US$, just know that you are being scammed.

It is also possible by looking into the packing and marketing you can easily tell that the brand is good or bad. A lab-tested good synthetic urine always looks similar to the original one. The packaging is also reliable and valid for this authentic material. There is a chance to get scammed if you are buying the products from a third-party website like Amazon or eBay. There is a possibility that you will get some incredible offers, but don’t rely on these products. They are totally fake.

Synthetic urine is now a very novel or a new concept. It has been around as long as drug tests have in this world. Whether you are going to use it for the drug test or for laboratory work, you need to buy the best synthetic urine. Thankfully, we reviewed some best products based on their availability on the market and you can check the list and pick any of the products according to your need. Hence, this review will help you to understand the difference between the products and help you to choose the authentic one.

Frequently Asked Questions

After packaging How many days can this synthetic urine be useful?

Ans. Irrespective of the product whether it is available in powdered or liquid formation every synthetic urine has their own time period. After that lifetime it simply expires. Once the synthetic urine expires, experts recommend that not to use the product for any purpose especially for the urine drug test. Otherwise, there is a chance to get flagged during the test.

The lifetime of this synthetic urine kit which is not opened or mixed is approximately up to two years. However, the time period changes depending on the product. It is observed that the liquid synthetic urine will not last for a long period.

Is it possible to freeze this synthetic urine?

Ans. In short, the answer is yes you can. It is possible to freeze and reheat the urine samples for the drug testing purpose is a very general hoax. However, it is recommended that before the drug test you need to bring the temperature of the synthetic urine to prescribed range and it is approximately 90oF to 100oF. You need to keep the temperature of the urine at 96oF just before submit it for testing. So, freezing and reheating option is available for the synthetic urine.

Is it possible to detect synthetic urine easily?

Ans. Yes, it is possible if you are not following the directions cautiously in a sufficient manner and create chaos at the time of mixture preparation, then there is a chance that a drug test will detect this synthetic urine kit. But if you properly follow the instructions and implement it flawlessly then there is no chance to detect the urine and you will pass the drug test without any kind of doubt.

Is it possible to pee this synthetic urine?

Ans. If you want to fool the instructors by actually showing them that you are peeing, then you will be pleased to know that there is a way. Several synthetic urine kits give you the urination device which you can use to make it seem like the real one.

How much synthetic urine actually needed for the test?

Ans. For the average drug test two ounces of urine is required. However, there is a chance that you will mess up at the time of mixing or you just require some extra. That’s why it is recommended to carry a little more to overcome these situations.

Is the urine being unisex?

Ans. If you are worried about the pregnancy scare as a man, then we are assuring you that there is no need to worry. Synthetic urine is unisex. Drug tests also don’t test for gender. Apart from the manner in which way you are submitting the urine sample, nothing else actually matters.

If you are still worried, then we recommend you to buy urine just for women. It is available in the market though the price is a little expensive.

Is this Synthetic urine considered legal?

Ans. It is the most useful question. Well, you have to know that there is no straightforward answer to this question. This material is completely legal to own and sell. However, using the product to cheat the drug test ends in severe repercussions if your urine got detected as a synthetic one.

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