How is it possible to just lose 10 pound in 3 days?

How is it possible to just lose 10 pound in 3 days?

How is it possible to just lose 10 pound in 3 days? – In this time, when the food like cereal is also not fast enough, we want loss weight now, not later. And who could promise to help you to drop the weight in a large amount with just in one long weekend? The 3-day diet actually promises to take that challenge and helps to do exactly that. If you are struggling to reach that scale but you are tempted to try it, here we are giving you some details of what you need to know before starting the program. Objective of this diet is to help the people who want to lose a large amount of weight. This diet plan claims that you will drop up to 10 pounds within 3 days if you strictly follow the plan.

Here I am giving my own personal review about “how to lose 10 pounds in 3 days” after using some of the best detoxification programs recommended by this blog. So, considering the necessity of sharing the information I decided to put my review regarding this topic. In recent times weight loss has become a severe problem for the whole world. Maximum people are struggling physically as well as psychologically due to their overweight. However, I can say the proper detox program can help you to lose the extra weight very fast.

If you seriously want to lose 10 pounds in just 3 days detoxification here, I am providing you the details regarding this that you should need to know. Detoxification is usually focused on eliminating the toxins and the wastes from the body. The proper detoxification program includes several types of juices, raw vegetables, fruits, fasting and as well as the elimination processes like enema.

If you still think that losing 10 pound in 3 days is just a myth and it is impossible too, then it is our recommendation to definitely follow this detox plan. So, eagerly waiting to know the diet plan? If your answer is yea, then here it is.

Pros and Cons of this Detox Program

Detoxification has many benefits irrespective of helping to lose the excess weight. Some of the major benefits of this detox program is that it eliminates the harmful substances of the body, helps to sleep better and promotes clear thoughts. Also, it helps to reduce the mood swings, increase internal energy, lessens the pains, inflammations and also reduces the allergies.

 However, this program has few limitations. What is it? The menu of this detox diet program has no room for variety in the plates or in the eating preferences. Irrespective of this it is easy to follow.

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Process of the Detox program

Here are the daily routines that you need to follow strictly so that you could lose 10 pounds in 3 days.

∙       It is recommended that the day before you start the detox program eat dinner before 6 pm. And also, do not consume heavy food on this day. And end the day with fruit or curd. Try to avoid bananas.

  1. The diet plan for Day 1

Start the day by drinking warm water in the morning. Then drink the vegetable juice for breakfast as well as for lunch. You can also add some amount of ginger or cinnamon in the water. These two works as a catalyst and help to remove the toxins and the wastes from the body very fast. You need to complete the dinner before 6 pm. In dinner you can take cooked or steamed vegetables. Do not take heavy meals and also not consume oil, spices or sweeteners in this period. Finally, at the end take another two glasses or water before going to sleep.

  1. Diet Plan for Day 2

The detox diet plan for day 2 is similar to that of day 1. However, some small changes have occurred. Just add two or three fruits at lunch time. And also, you can have brown rice for dinner. After completing the dinner, you can have the fruits. But you need to confirm that you are avoiding bananas.

  1. Diet Plan for Day 3

At the time of breakfast, you are eligible to take some fruits. If you are feeling hungry, then you can take some oats and a smoothie during this period. Take brown rice and salad which is full of nuts and seeds. During dinner you can have brown rice along with the salads similar to lunch time.

That’s it. Three-day detox program has been completed. During this process you may feel headache, pain or may be nausea etc. This is all because of the toxins coming out from the body. However, these illnesses are very much temporary and even they don’t last for a long period.

After completing your detox program for 3days, you can add fruits and raw vegetables in your meal very slowly. Do not suddenly change your habit and intake more carbs, proteins or calories. It is recommended to take high-fibre rich foods and you will start to enjoy the transformation.

The level of effort you need to give

The major effort you need to give in this diet plan is to stop yourself from reaching for extra amounts of food.

Also, you need to consider cooking and shopping. This diet is about as low-effort as it gets, short of having meals delivered to your doorstep. Your cooking just involves steaming the vegetables, unless you want to eat them raw. It is also an option in this diet.

The packaged foods or meals are strictly prohibited during this diet plan.

Regarding exercise during this period is very frowned upon. Because as one website tells you that in this period your energy level will be low and you will feel several illnesses.

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Does this Diet Plan allow for Dietary Restrictions?

This diet plan is not for the vegans or for the vegetarians. It’s not low-salt, low-carb, low-fat either, just low-calorie.

This diet also includes rice which traditionally includes gluten. You could buy a gluten free version if you want to but going for gluten free is not a feature of this plan.

What Else You Should Know

This diet plan is not developed by the nutrition experts. One website offered this diet plan with the warning which states that neither the staff nor the management of this three days diet are experienced, licensed, or knowledgeable to judge or recommend the safety of this diet. They also mentioned that they will not necessarily endorse this diet or recommend it to try this or any other diet to consult a physician or licensed medical expertise. You need to follow this diet at your own risk.

So, when judging any kind of diet, you need to keep in mind that if a diet sounds too good to be true, it probably is and if you can’t follow the diet for the rest of your life then it is not for you. These two key ideas are advised by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Does this Diet Work?

You will surely start losing weight if you eat less than 910 calories per day. In this scenario if you want to lose 10 pounds of weight in 3 days you have to decrease your calorie intake by 500 calories for a day. In this way, to lose 10 pounds in 3days means you need to decrease your calorie intake level by 35000 calories in 3 days. According to the experts, if your health is good enough then only follow this diet or else it will lose your water and muscle as well as it will weaken your bones. Simultaneously you also gain it back if you do not continue with this diet. So before starting this diet you need to be certain enough regarding your health condition.

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∙       Conclusion:

This 3 Day detox program is a very low-calorie diet that uses simple foods like raw vegetables and fruits which cost very low and it is easy to find in the market. It is also easy to prepare. This kind of diet will take away your enjoyment of eating. During these 3 days when you are following the diet it is difficult to eat outside and also to go out with others. It is also very difficult to continue this diet. So, once you stop the weight will start increasing. So, it is recommended to only follow this detox program when you are sure enough to maintain it and have the courage to sacrifice your daily routine for this diet plan. Then only it will work.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is a 3-day detox program?

It is a program aimed to lose 10 pounds in just 3 days.

What are the advantages of this program?

The diet plans are simple and cheap. It is easy to prepare and also available in the market.

Will this detox program help to lose weight?

It is observed that if you consume less than 910 calories per day then you will surely start losing weight. As per this diet the consumption of calories is reduced to 500 calories per day. Due to which the objective is achievable through this program.

How easy to follow and continue this diet?

In one word the diet plan is not easy and also it is very difficult to maintain. That means you have to become strong mentally so that you can follow this diet and also be able to continue it. Or else once the diet plan ended the weight gain started.

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