Best Marijuana THC Detox Methods That Actually Work

Best Marijuana THC Detox Methods That Actually Work

Best detoxification of Marijuana THC the methods that actually work Marijuana detection and detoxification Similar to many other drugs, the duration of finding the marijuana in any human’s body varies due to several factors like consumption frequency, the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level in the weed, metabolism rate and the hydration have the effect on the result of a drug test. It is evident that THC is measurable in hair for up to 90 days, for 3 days to a month in urine, up to 2 days in saliva and 3 days in blood. Regular consumption of Marijuana leads to dependency and long-term health issues. It becomes difficult to quit. But proper treatment can help to recover from it. Through proper detoxification procedure it is possible to recover from the Marijuana addiction. In this regard, we are providing you the best and the cost-effective detoxification process based on your mental and physical attributes. It is necessary before going for a drug test.


What does the Term Detox mean? How does the Process work?

A full body detoxification is a process that is followed by some people who believe that the process can reduce the toxin level of the body. The basics of the detox process is that the process will quickly eliminate the toxins such as alcohol, nicotine, refined sugar and other harmful substances. The detox process is performed either for the juice cleanse, colon cleanse or other approaches. Toxins like poisons or pollutants are substances that have a negative impact on the human body. The process of detoxing has been first introduced by Dominique Vonador, an acupuncture physician and the owner of Acupuncture and Herbal solution in Bradenton, Florida. The full body detox has no single process it involves several steps like healthy diet, fast, drink more water, use colonic irrigation, enemas or laxatives, procuring supplements, reduce exposure to toxins in their environment and using a sauna. 10 days toxin rid detox program of the Testclear is also a best natural process to detox the full body. You can check here if you are interested in this program.

It is observable that after undergoing the proper detox program people feel fresh, energetic, and rejuvenated. As this detoxification eliminates the harmful substances like processed food, fats, chemicals, and other several things from the body due to which the human body feels more energetic and fresher.

 The detoxification programs confirm the following things like

  • Through fasting give the rest and relaxation to the body organs
  • As this process removes the wastes from the organs in an efficient way it improves the liver and kidney condition and makes it healthier.
  • Proper circulation of the fluid and food inside the human body is enhanced.
  • The procedure promotes the vitality and strengthen the body

As, it is evident from the above-mentioned discussion that the detox process is beneficial for the people who are regularly exposed to an unhealthy diet, lifestyle, addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, regularly working in a pollutant and harmful environment. Simultaneously, it is recommended to the people who are obsessed with getting rid of obesity, autoimmune disease, chronic constipation, bloating and allergies etc.

General Ways to be Followed to Detox:

There are many ways to detox your system. A complete detoxification may increase the health risk but following healthier and safer habits you can still manage to eliminate the wastes and toxins of the body. Even changing the diet and lifestyle can help you to feel energetic, healthier, and fresh.  Here we are discussing some common ways that will help you to decrease toxins from the body and make you healthier.

  • Reduce Alcohol consumption:

Several studies show that alcohol has both positive and negative effects on the human body. Moderate and low consumption of alcohol can keep the human heart healthy. However, excess consumption of alcohol causes several health issues and puts the people in danger. Several diseases like kidney failure, coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke may happen due to excess alcohol consumption. It also increases body fat and inflammation is also triggered due to this.

  • Necessity of enough sleep:

Sleep disorder and deprivation hinders the human body to remove the waste from the system. Proper sleep helps the brain to reorganize. Sleep related issues overload the toxin in the system. Several health-related issues like stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity are often visible due to sleep deprivation. Seven to nine hours of sleep every night can help to improve your health.

  • Sufficient water drinking:

According to the report published by U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine daily 3.7 litre of water for men and 2.7 litres of water for women is required. Though, the amount of water consumption totally depends on your lifestyle, diet, location of staying, you need to consume a minimum amount of water to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Besides keeping the body hydrated, water can keep the human at normal temperature, helps to lubricate the joints, help to digest food and improve the nutrient absorption, eliminate the waste and cleanse the system.

  • Reduce consumption of processed food and refined sugar:

Many researchers find that refined sugar and processed food are the main cause of health emergencies. The issues like obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes causes due to overeating and consumption of junk food. These problems can affect the kidney, liver, heart and many other organs which may reduce the cleansing process. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, irrespective of eating junk foods it is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables. It is one of the major ways of detoxification.

  • Inclusion of Antioxidant and Probiotic-Rich foods in diet plan:

Antioxidants can help to reduce the toxin in the human body. Full body detox process can improve the antioxidants in the system. If the toxins are developed in the body, they can unbalance the overall system and also cause oxidative stress. Therefore, it is recommended to consume food with the nutrients like Vitamins A, C, and E, selenium, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin etc. Several foods and drinks like berries, fruits, nuts, cocoa, vegetables, spices, coffee and green tea contain high antioxidants.

Along with antioxidant-rich food it is also recommended to consume probiotic-rich food which cleanse the body and help to maintain a healthy gut. This is essential for a healthy detoxification process. These fibres develop good bacteria in the stomach and let them produce short chain fatty acids which are helpful for the body. From several foods such as tomato, banana, asparagus, onion, garlic and oats humans can consume the prebiotics.

  • Consumption of Less Salt:

When some people are looking for optimal health, some are interested in reducing the water level of their bodies. Too much consumption of salt increases the water level of the body, due to which humans can feel bloated. Excess consumption of salt produces antidiuretic hormones which prevents regular urination and detoxification. Consumption of more potassium-rich foods like Potato, Squash, Spinach, Banana, Kidney beans can be helpful to reduce the salt level of the body and detox the system

  • Incorporate Exercise in daily routines:

At least 15 to 300 minutes of moderate to intense exercise in every week or 75 to 150 minutes high- impact physical activity in every week is recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The exercise can bring you in shape, minimize various forms of inflammation, reduce the health risks like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer etc.

Along with this consumption of Sulphur- Rich food like onions, eggs, garlic can help to eliminate heavy metals from the body. It also improves the detoxification of the body by increase the antioxidant level of the system

These are the few ways that help to detox the body and give the human to live a healthy life. These are the simple but effective ways to detox the body. Sometimes, supplements, herbs, a few medications etc. are also involved in the detox process. These are required to support the human body.

This process not only removes the harmful toxins of the body but also assists to improve physical and mental conditions by reducing weight loss, stress and depressions etc.

Benefits of Total Detox

Full body detox is not necessary for many people because the body naturally flushes the toxins. However, a regular detoxification process can help to reduce obesity, heart disease, improve the condition of kidney, lungs, etc. and prevent cancer. It also gives the body more antioxidants. Sometimes, detox products are also used for full body detox. Before consuming the supplements, one should consult the doctors, dietitian, so that they could understand their possible side effects and know the safer alternatives.

So, after giving a brief idea regarding detoxification here we want to share how detoxification helps to remove the toxins and illegal substances like marijuana from our body. Before going into details, we want to share about marijuana.

How Long Does Weeds (Marijuana) Detects in Your Body

  1. What exactly is Marijuana

Marijuana also known as weed, herb, pot is a mixture of dried flowers of Cannabis sativa. The color of the marijuana is greenish-grey. This plant contains 400 different chemicals. Among which delta -9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has the greatest effect in the human body. The marijuana can be taken in a number of different ways. The fastest and the most common process is inhalation. The marijuana acts on receptors called cannabinoid receptors which decreases the neurotransmitters like GABA and Glutamate of the body. Marijuana also reacts with the blood and causes several short-term effects like deficiency in motor control, working memory and executive e function, altered perception of time, and feel euphoric. The long-term effects of marijuana are less clear. The study shows that who started smoking marijuana earlier in life they face worsen neurocognitive outcomes. Some studies also show that the cannabinoid contributes to schizophrenia and increases the symptoms of psychosis. However, cannabis is found to kill several types of cancer including lung cancer. Still the study is carried out to find the long-term effects of marijuana. The studies are pursued to analyse the effect of weeds on the human body.

Let See How Long the Effect of The Weeds Sustain in Our Body

If you smoke regularly and soon go for a drug test you have to know how long this Marijuana lasts in your system. This is the proper place from where you will get the information about everything related to duration of lasting the drug in the system.

According to the report published in 2017, more than 9% of people, especially the children of above 12 are severely affected by weed. This percentage is increasing daily. Though, in many countries like the USA smoking weed is illegal.

The duration of weed in the body varies due to several concerns. Mainly, with the usage level of the drugs the duration varies. It also depends on the other factors like THC level, metabolism rate of the person, hydration etc.

Owing to the variation of the factor no-one can exactly calculate the duration of the drug in a human’s body. All the study calculates the approximate duration period of the drugs in the system. According to the study, the THC sustains upto 90 days in the human body.

Now here I am telling you in details:

According to several studies, marijuana is found in urine for 3 days mainly for people who smoke occasionally, 5-7 days for the persons who use to smoke moderately, 10-15 days for the chronic users, and for more chronic users it stays more than 30 days. In blood systems it is found for 1-2 days. However, in some exceptional cases especially for more chronic smokers it is found after 25 days also. Similarly, in saliva for occasional users the effects of marijuana are detected for 1-3 days and for chronic users it lasts for 1-29 days. However, the duration varies from person to person. Although, at this duration someone can detox their body by following accurate detox methods.

The effects and duration both vary from person to person. While some may feel euphoric and relaxed, while others may feel anxious and paranoid. In some cases, you may sense “dopey” and experience a loss of concentration in activity or a helplessness to gain the concept. The effects are mainly caused due to the THC which circulates in the body rapidly through blood after smoking the weed.

Despite smoking if it is ingested orally, it takes a long time to absorb into the blood, approximately 20 mins to one and half hour. But this can vary with the consumption amount as well as other psychological factors such as absorption and metabolism rate of the body and excretion have the impact on circulation of the drug concentrations.

The effects of weed can be sustained in the body for a long period depending on the strain, consumption amount, methods of consumption and other previously mentioned factors. The consumption of weed has several effects such as:

  • Dry mouth
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Pleasurable body sensations
  • High appetite
  • Relaxation
  • Stimulation
  • High heart rate
  • Mood swing, trouble thinking
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Loss of concentration
  • Distorted perceptions related to sights, touch, sounds, time
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions

The short-term effects on memory, learning, problem solving and also on coordination lasts for 1-2 hours, with some lingering effects which stays upto 24 hours.

Several tests such as urine test, hair test, blood test and saliva test are performed by the drug administrators to detect marijuana in the human body.

So, you want to know when the marijuana detection tests show the positive results? Here we are providing you some knowledge regarding this.

  • In saliva tests, the positive result is shown for up to 34 to 48 hours of your last consumption.
  • The urine test shows the positive results for up to 1-3 days for the person who consumed weed occasionally and for the moderate and also for the chronic users the tests detect marijuana in the body for up to 7-21 days.
  • The hair test shows positive results up to 90 days from the last consumption date. This is the most accurate and acceptable drug test because it gives approximately accurate results.
  • In blood tests the positive result is shown for up to one and a half days.

However, due to several factors these days may vary. Additionally, one can detox their body in various ways. If you want to detox your body soon, we are here to suggest you the best detoxification products depending on your physical and mental attributes.

Finally, after discussing about marijuana and detoxification in this article we are going to discuss how the detox program recommended by us helps to remove marijuana substances from the body.

In how many days THC eliminates from the body?

Many people do not know the exact time period. As we already mentioned, this time varies from person to person. However, you can eliminate THC from your system faster by maintaining proper diet, exercise and also with the help of the right products.

So, if you are just like us, then it is obvious that you are searching for the right detox product that helps you to remove the THC from your system because you have to attend the drug test soon. In this case, we have the product for you which is essential in this condition.

Is it possible to beat the drug test with a weed detox?

If you are addicted to marijuana and consuming it on a regular basis then it is obvious that your body contains THC. In this situation, it will be difficult for you to pass the drug test if given in a short period. For that reason, you must know exactly how long this weed stays in your system.

Whenever this situation occurs everyone starts giving advice and most of it isn’t useful. It is only possible for the time traveler to go back to your past and warn you regarding the upcoming drug test. If you want to, you can wait. But when time is of the essence, waiting around is not an option. The  THC molecules are stockpiled in our fat tissue over time and it can take up to a month or sometimes it can also even take 3 months to completely eliminate from your body via urine or farces.

So, it is absolutely not feasible if you have a drug test in a couple of days, not in a couple of months.

Regarding this, a lot of folk advice is present in the internet and also in the streets. Maximum of them is rumored, until scientists conduct a successful test on this it is not proved and it’s not considered as an official study. Unfortunately, these studies are not very common.

Hence, therefore, there is a lot of guesswork involved when you actually want to eliminate the THC from your body as fast as possible. Some people learned that the hard way.

Many people try to get rid of THC from the body by flushing it from the system through urine. In this regard, they drink a lot of water in a day. This process actually doesn’t work. Because you don’t think enough water to succeed or due to drinking a ton of water the urine gets diluted automatically. For which reason it failed.

It’s very funny that those people who drink beer don’t count against you because it is not screened in any drug test. It only takes a day or few hours more than that to eliminate from the body. But if you smoke weed it sticks in your system for almost upto three months!

It is very frustrating. That is why people are constantly searching in the internet and also in the shopping centres for the product which is healthy as well as natural that helps to rid from the element and eliminate the traces from the body and from the systems.

Do the products sell on any retail website?

Did you read the reviews? Though also look for the scammers.

When people start searching about how to get rid of passing a drug test (even if you smoke marijuana on a regular basis), you will start hearing many ideas. Among these ideas you can also hear about the Amazon detox or pills from Walgreens.

There are those drugstore remedies that sound too good to be true and maybe they are probably true. Also, you may suggest some type of healthy foods or any other supplement solution, but you should know that you are wasting time and money on those products if you don’t know what you are doing.

If you are thinking of going to the medical store and to buy a juice for cleansing your damaged internal system which was done by years of smoking marijuana then just stop. Forget about all these things. It doesn’t work in reality. After hearing this you are ready to take the risk again.

If your friends are not stopping themselves by asking how often you smoke marijuana, then obviously you need to consult some smarter friends. If you smoke almost 6 joints in a day then it is difficult to cleanse your system very easily. But if you smoke one time in a party three months ago then it is probably clean.

It takes time because the weed detoxification process takes a long time if you consume it on a regular basis. The level of THC is high in your system. Also on the other side, if you are a light consumer of weed then unlike the regular user your body will not require a lot of time to eliminate the substances of the weed from your system.

For the light consumers, some natural processes will work. But without any scientific proof it is difficult to tell if those who smoke occasionally have success in detoxification or they cleanse their system all alone. To know this detail experiment, I need to pursue it. Without through analysis, it’s difficult to say that the product helps him to eliminate the toxicity of the body or it is just a dumb luck which came into play.

There is another type of detoxification method available to eliminate THC from the system which many people are not aware of. You can try the product which burns the fats that contain this THC. In this way by processing the body fat it is possible to remove the THC from the human body.

Medical professionals can guide you to quickly remove the THC from the body because they know properly that several factors such as body composition, gender, diet and exercise can remove the THC from one’s body. Because with the variation with these factors the time of elimination also varies. Therefore, proper guidance can help you to remove the substances.

What does these 411 means which are on the THC detox products that are available in local vitamin shops?

When you are smoking or eating the marijuana, your body contains those little pieces of those molecules for a longer period of time. The structure of the molecule remains at certain parts of the body, in this case it is in fat cells, where it stays for a couple of months. The detox available in vitamin shops may help to remove that body fats which contain those molecules.

By processing the fat to rid themselves from the evidence of marijuana consumption it can approximately take one to three months. The traces of urine can be found in urine or in faeces from several weeks to months after the last consumption day. The variation depends on several factors and the time varies from person to person.

The fat continuously deposited in the body. It remains there. After a certain time it starts to release THC which mixes with the bloodstream. When kidneys filter this THC, it comes cum with the urine and in drug tests it collects in the cup at the laboratory. If the test is pursued at this time, it gives positive results, which is not your ultimate desire.

Even, many people don’t realize that due to midnight munchies, not only your fat is increasing in your body but also it locks down more THC in the human system inside this fat.

For this reason, the best way to eliminate THC in the system is to burn the fat tissues that contain the THC.

Now the question is how can we burn the fat tissues? Is it by doing exercise? But it will take more time and effort. In recent times, many people do not have that much time and energy to give this effort. So, is there any shortcut? What is that? People mainly now burn fat by consuming diet pills.

But we don’t recommend consuming supplements, diet pills or any other type of medicine without consulting the doctor.

In this case, there are some products that can help you to eliminate THC from your system by burning body fat. If you burn enough fat, you will be successful in clearing the drug test.

Some remedies which were implemented on a few smokers have been successful. The remedies are mainly exercise which turns the body heat up such as run, swim, hang out in sauna etc. These actions may work, but it is not guaranteed/ It totally depends on how often you consume weed.

Again, if somebody is putting all this effort then they could be selling themselves short by increasing the fibre to give everything a good strong push on the way out.

Let’s imagine by taking those steps with a product that could burn the fat from inside of the system. Now you can say goodbye, THC! Some products are also there to pump out the THC, but if they are not burying the fat at the same time, then it is obvious that it will not properly work.

Can I use a detox THC drink or THC detox kits from a shop to pass a drug test?

The answer of this question in one word is “No”.

Few people like to clean the system by drinking detox drinks. They just grab their favourite flavour and take a sip of those juice-themed drinks from an obnoxious container or from a flashy water bottle for the whole day. They only talk about how they have to run into the bathroom as they are on a detoxification program for a drug test.

Everybody has their own way. We all follow either this way or something else. However, it is clear from the previous discussion that this can be annoying, if you are continuously running back and forth from the bathroom.

We don’t recommend these drinks due to some reason. First, they are mainly filled with strange ingredients, secondly, you don’t look as cool as you think you do, sitting around sipping that drink all day. Thirdly, they might get you in trouble when the drug test place accuses you of “tampering with the test”.

If you aren’t aware of the drug test includes measuring for how diluted the urine is. If it is fake, they are going to call you out on it.

Some of these drinks don’t even give you a detox. Instead, they pump some kind of other molecule into your blood and urine so that it hides the trail of the THC. At least that’s the claim.

If your friend tells you to try something fruity, just pass it.

The facts about THC and the best detox drinks:

If you are thinking about eliminating THC from your body by taking protein when you work out a lot.

It doesn’t happen overnight, no matter how hard we try. The human body slowly absorbs that protein, when you do exercise, to repair damaged muscle. But it is not actually a fast process. In fact, for many people it is very painful and slow.

The body exactly does the same kind of slow process with the THC that is built up in those fatty tissues.

In one word, the little amount of detox drinks that your friend is drinking on can be fun for the branding efforts or if you are an influencer on any social media page, but you are going to have to sip on that for about a month if you want a clean drug test.

But unfortunately, we are not that friend. Instead of that we are going to mention the other nasty things in that detox drinks such as diuretics which increase your urine, caffeine, sugar etc. Regardless of that you may go ahead and have a cup of coffee instead.

However, you have the opportunity to go for a totally 100% natural process which is also available in the market. But it will take some time for sure, maybe like three months. It could bring changes in your diet and also in exercise, too. And obviously we will recommend this for you if you have the time. And we assure you that you will find a lot of happiness in making a lifestyle change.

Should I only drink that THC detox drink which is prepared in the USA?

Considering the product produced by the USA for your detox program is obviously a smart choice, but it is a choice that every person makes for themselves. It seriously doesn’t matter from where the product is coming from, the only considerable thing is whether it is effective in removing THC from the fat cells of the body or not? Detox drinks mainly dilute the urine and that lower the concentration of THC-COOH in your urine. In this article you will find a list of these best detox drinks for drug test here.

If you are ready to masking for the drug test, then sure you need more power. It is not like that we are against it. On the contrary, we are actually against the sudden drug tests for instance that are gaining legal status for the whole world. Nowadays, it is often used as medicine for pain or epilepsy.

Still, there is a belief that brings people to the internet for searching the products that they can use to hide the THC and be able to pass the drug test. As they mention that they are able to mask the weed elements that float around in the urine.

But it is not like that and it is not how it works. The fact of the matter is that you are mainly going for diluting the urine when you are following this route. And guess what. The laboratory technicians are totally on to you. People try to dilute all the time to mask their weed particles available in the body. But it doesn’t work.

In that case, the only other option for the laboratory personnel is to consider that you are facing some issues related to the kidney which demands medical attention. If that is the case, then they recommend you to consult with the doctors, and then you will have to deal with these issues related to your kidney.

It could actually work more to lie and cover the drug test than just to fail it honestly, it depends on your situation. So, we could not take the chance. For this reason, when someone brings up a detox drink to hide the THC, give them the bi “W” for whatever and tell them to find some other things.

Are vegan ways being suitable to eliminate the THC from the body for a drug test?

Yes, you can follow the natural route to eliminate the substances like THC from the body. This answer you may not like though. You stop smoking weed, eat better, do exercise and wait for the result.

In this relaxation period you can enjoy a cup of green tea which is THC free.

Though this process might be nice and totally doable in a perfect world, the world we are living in is far from this perfect world. We live in this world where the sudden drug test to detect the substances become more and more socially acceptable. Yet, we continue to subject ourselves to shameful experiences for avoiding a positive drug test showing the consumption of THC.

The natural way may not work for you if you don’t have the time to let it really do its thing.

You are not actively eliminating THC from urine or faces by doing exercise only. It’s just the kind of thing that happens at its own pace. The natural way may not be fast enough for you.

You could hurry it along a little with a push from diuretics like cranberry juice, lemon water, coffee and tea.

It’s not going to work any miracles, but it doesn’t hurt.

Fitness influencers on the internet have recommended a low calorie diet up until the drug test date. Then on the day before the drug test, go wild. They also believe that some high-intensity cardio can speed up the process. You need to thank the people who are freaking for fitness on the internet.

They are not medical professionals, but it is the news you want to listen to.

What are the best detox drink diets to eliminate THC?

You need to consult a doctor if you want to clarify how the diet works. Generally, if you want to eliminate THC, then you need to burn out the fat which contains THC. In this way THC can be eliminated from the body for a lifetime.

So, if you want to burn your fat you need to increase the exercise time and need to eat less. For that you need to consult with the doctor or with the trainer for preparing a proper diet plan that will work just for you.

As they say a deficiency of calorie for each day helps keep to pass the drug test. Maybe they don’t say that, but that is possible.

Before starting the process, think about what a low-calorie diet actually contains. It actually means that you are burning more calories than you are consuming in a diet. You need to increase your exercise level and eat less. That will help you to shrink your excess fat.

In this way you can burn the fatty tissues of your body. It will help you to eliminate THC in a natural way.

For that you need to determine how many calories you are consuming in a day based on your weight, gender, height, and other activity levels. After that you need to determine how many calories you can reduce from your diet without disturbing your mind and body.

In general, no one can reduce their calories to less than 800 in a day. For that you need to reduce calories by about 1500 calories per day.

There is no basic rule that an amateur can readily give to a stranger on the internet. To get the idea regarding what a safe actually means, you need to talk to a medical professional or a sports trainer.

You need to remember the end goal of this. We want to reduce the fat of the body from your system and this will lead to eliminating the THC in the fat.

Does this natural diet and the exercise approach really work? The answer is yes it works. How long does it take to eliminate the substances? The answer is it varies. Can it be useful before your next drug screening? Simply, we have no idea. It depends totally on how much time you have in your hand before going for a drug test along with several other factors like the amount of marijuana you consumed, the frequency of consumption, the last consumption time and also on your metabolism rate. Depending on all these factors it varies from person to person.

You have one good thing if you are going for a natural diet process and that is you have a cheat day just before your drug test. People can eat as much as 5000 calories on this cheat day.

It helps to stop the THC that might linger. There is a chance to form an extra fat in your tissues and it will generate a temporary seal so that THC isn’t at large in the bloodstream which may cause you to fail this upcoming drug test.

However, this extreme diet plan is not recommended for everyone. You need to be cautious about it. We would like to say that it is more important to be alive rather than to fail the drug test. So, talk to a doctor or a dietitian before starting this process and then only adjust your diet plan.

Can I start working out if I consume THC?

If you are currently now “high” or under the effects of THC, stay at home. You should not do the exercise. If you give up smoking for few times and to get the heart pumping in proper way, and only your doctor or trainer give you the approval then without thinking start doing the exercise. It’s the best solution to burn the THC containing fat cells.

It is better to start at a low pace. If you are an amateur then two days in a week is good. But with time you need to increase the day because for your whole life it will not work.

You could start with running, jogging or riding cycle or going for a swim. Any type of cardio is good for this. This will eliminate the THC from your system without any time loss.

Just take a day off before going for a drug test which we already mentioned as a cheat day. On this day you want to send the message to your fatty tissues that it is okay to hold on to what they normally release mainly THC.

What is the way to pass the drug test if I smoke weed?

To pass a drug test, you need to get rid of THC. This is the primary requirement.

We are again giving you a warning that if you are thinking of combining methods, we request you to look at some natural processes. A cup of coffee, green tea, diet and exercise routines all these can be a good idea to follow.

If you are looking for a detox drink then we will say that please stay away from it.

We have already said this thing before again. We are repeating the same things so that you can understand. The small amount of detox drinks is not helpful for us. They will not help you to pass the drug screening and it looks like that person is cheating in the drug test. That surely does not look good and highly embarrassing for anyone no matter how much you can spin the issue.

You need to think about not only burning the THC containing fatty tissues of the body but also actively flushing out the THC flowing in the bloodstream. If you are thinking that you only need to spend more time in the bathroom and it will be helpful for you to get a negative result at the time of drug test then you are simply wrong.

We are mainly asking to give some more effort, turn your life around, trying to start following new paths etc. This way people are able to live their best lives, whatever that means to them. For few people it means consuming the drug test detox to spur a fitness spree. The thinking is fine. Just you need to be sure that you are following your thinking.

From where can I buy the detox drinks and what are the pros of the recommended drinks?

The substances of weed like THC in the body need to be removed and go somewhere, don’t they? Just simply like any other material that you consume daily like chocolates, wine, strawberries and many other foods that get processed and expelled from the system marijuana substances also need to be expelled from the system.

Yes, you can remove these THC substances through urine or faeces from your body.

Just remember that urine passes through the kidneys. In this part mainly filtration systems work. In this period, the food stuffs through the liver as faeces which will be evacuated through the bowels. In this way your THC will literally flush out from the system.

Maximum detox drinks focused on urine. As you have to urinate for the test, it makes perfect sense on the surface. They measure the presence of THC in your urine. For that reason, the temptation to dilute the urine with a detox drink runs strong.

If you are only considering cleaning the urine for the drug test, then obviously you are doing wrong. To properly clean the system, you need to eliminate THC through the kidney and liver. Number one and Number two. No, ifs, ands, or buts. Pun intended.

Exercise and pass it all in the bathroom? Ugh, this is so stressful if you haven’t heard about Toxin rid.

What does Toxin rid means? Does this work?

Toxin rid is a product that is useful to eliminate the THC from the system both in the form of urine and faeces. This actually burns the fat and pushes it through this process. With these fatty tissues the THC goes out from the body through the kidney and liver.

All of these pent-up THC straight forward go out from your system by sailing, and you will live to tell the tale to your future generations. That you pass the drug test without any hazards. That is obviously promising news. What do you think? Isn’t it?

This Toxin rid 10-Day detox program comes to you legally as a dietary supplement program. This kit mainly contains three bottles of ProRid tablets, Detox Liquid, and dietary fibre. Before starting this, you need to learn about the product here “full Toxin Rid detox program details here.”

If you are finding a way to detox yourself or to clean the body naturally then here, we are giving you the option. The Toxin Rid Detoxification program is offered by Testclear.

Let us assume that you have the special day or any kind of special interview in the field of your work, where you don’t want to get a result which is unsatisfactory. Then Testclear is offering you the Toxin Rid Detoxification Program for this special moment.

It is evident that if you select this Toxin Rid Detoxification Program then you will achieve a great result. It will satisfactorily remove the toxins and any other foreign substances from the body. The level of this Toxin Rid Detoxification program offered by Testclear is decided according to the amount of toxins present in your body and also the types of drugs you consumed.

If you are consuming the basic level drugs then we are recommending you to avail the 1-day detox program and if you are consuming high-level drugs and for regular basis then you need to avail 10 days detox program to remove the toxins and other substances from your body. From the previous observation it is clear that each detox program shows great results and also it is distributed by the reputed and dependable company, Testclear.

We are assuring you that by availing this detox program you can pass any kind of drug test such as urine drug test, saliva test, hair test or the blood test. When you are selecting any products of Toxin Rid no need to get worried about the composition of the product because the product is composed with different natural minerals, herbs, and vitamins. These materials work together and clean your internal system.

It is guaranteed that in the product there is no filler, no synthetic or no animal products are present. As the composition of the product is totally natural therefore there is no chance to face any kind of side effects. You can see the effect of Toxin Rid products at the end of the day, and this will turn your day into a great one. You can pass any kind of drug test with any hazards or tension.

On the bottle of Toxin Rid it is labelled that the product is scientifically developed for the people who consume excess weed and it helps to expose the toxins of the body in an extreme amount.

It is obviously good news. We even did not consider this THC as a toxin, but now here we are calling this. It may be a toxin. It is something in the body that we don’t want in our body before going for a drug test.

At the end of the day, it is nothing but a fiber supplement that helps to move everything inside the body in the right way in which it actually needs to move, If not a little more. So, who will not like extra push?

This product is mainly available in 3-day, 5-day and 10-day regimes. The days of this product varies depending on how much you are consuming the weed and how often. Several other factors are also the controlling issues of this product. So, we can say it is useful!

Additionally, besides using this product you need to continue your diet and exercise so that the extra push of this detox program actively eliminates the THC from your body with little high pace.

It is obvious if you are giving extra effort on your diet and exercise the things will be positive for your side.

Toxin Rid detox program works me

If somebody asks me if this Toxin Rid detox program actually works or not then I can say that this is the product which gives you” money back guarantee”. And it is also mentioned in their label.

We also simultaneously recommend you to stock up the home drug test kit to check if you can pass the drug test or not before arriving at the lab.

If you are coming to clear the test after the drug test, then you are golden, if you are not then you need to wait. The professionals in this drug test game will try up to ten tests just to get surety that they will cross the drug test without any embarrassment.

There are also many other success stories available on the internet regarding this.

Does the time arrive when we can say it is the end time of THC test and starting of THC detox products?

This too shall pass. Your drug test problems obviously come to an end once you cross the test with negative results.

Once you pass the drug test, you need to decide what you want? Do you want to go back to that life where you were before the test and detox regimen or want to continue with this life?

Do you want to consume that same amount? Why or why not? If you already break the habit while anticipating the test, or if this test is some sort of court-appointed regularly scheduled thing, then you need to think twice about going back to the life where you smoke marijuana every time.


In many parts of the world, from Canada to Colorado, people are discussing the idea of legalization or the decriminalization of marijuana and THC-based products.

Until the whole world accepts, however, people will be drug testing the working man. If you end up in hot water, try continuing exercise, maintain the diet and use the Toxin Rid to eliminate the THC from the body. Now you know whom to call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana, also known as weed, pot, ganja, cannabis is the portion of dried flowers, leaves, stems and seed of the cannabis plant. It contains 100 compounds among which the effect of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has a severe impact human’s system.

How is Marijuana used?

Marijuana can be consumed in several ways like smoking directly through cigar, chewing and by inhaling it.

The factors that determine the effect of Marijuana on a human’s system.

The effect of Marijuana on human’s body varies depending on several factors like consumption level, the THC level in Marijuana, metabolism rate, sex etc.

What types of tests are present to detect the Marijuana in human’s body?

There are several tests to detect the effect of Marijuana in a human’s system such as urine test, blood test, hair test, saliva test etc. The duration of showing positive results is also different for these tests.

What absolutely has to be cut out if I want to be serious about detoxing?

Alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs. It is certain that our bodies can detoxify small quantities of these, but the purpose is to give the organs—the liver, skin, lungs, and gut—a chance to catch up and recover.

Will I feel better after completing the full detox program?

Yes, you will start feeling the difference after the detox program. But at the start of the detox program, you may feel a little worse. This is very normal. That is the reason why medical support is present at the time of detoxification.

Is the process of cleansing being easy?

In short, the answer is no. But to get anything truly worthwhile, it requires time, focus and commitment. This program has different levels of intensity. Starting from the low level you gradually eliminate the harmful substances from the body.

Will I experience adverse reactions during the detox program?

As the detox program is the preliminary stage of removing the toxins from the body it is obvious at the start you will have severe health related issues like nausea, headaches, high temperature etc. This is the part of the program. Toxins take several years to build in your body. So, it is not possible to get rid of them within a few days. It takes almost a week to a month or a year depending on several factors.

Can I eat normal food after undergoing the detox program?

It is recommended to eat fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables and fruits after this detoxification. It is also necessary to cut-out the junk foods from the diet plan.

From where I will purchase Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo?

You can purchase this Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo from the online website of the Testclear company.

What is comparable to Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo?

There is no other product that can substitute this Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo. But if you want to do experiments with your hair you can choose other products but if you want to go trustworthy brand then use this Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo.

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